What Do People Say About You?

As we continue building spiritual capacity, this week’s focus is how growing spiritually impacts your relationships.

Have you heard or said this?

“As long as I’m pleasing God it doesn’t matter what people think.”

“I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.”

“I don’t need man’s approval”

Well, after you check out this week’s video you may re-think this.

Before I go on, let me remind you why you are a part of this awesome community.

As a capacity builder you understand or seek to understand:

1. ALL life situations are meant to make you stronger, better, greater and can lead you to the path of your purpose.

2. Positive and painful experiences are inevitable and essential to increasing your ability to live in your God-designed God-breathed space.

3. There is a GREAT purpose for you, and you want to fulfill it!

I’m reminding you of this, just in case this week’s video cuts you a little. As I was recording it, it cut me and made me think about my own attitudes and behaviors.

But, No Pain…No Gain…right 😉

So view my reminders as virtual band aids 🙂

Now, can you imagine world where everybody uses their energy to develop themselves and build others?

We may not reach the world…yet, but we can start.

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-Your Capacity Strategist