Trusting God



This week we’re supposed to discuss how developing spiritual capacity impacts your relationships. But, I want to continue discussing how it impacts you. This week I want to talk about TRUSTING GOD.

I posted this on Facebook a couple of days ago:

It’s hard to trust someone you don’t know. If a stranger tells you to do something that seems crazy, you most likely will decline. We are also hesitant to trust someone we don’t know well. If we are to live a life full of promise and purpose God can’t be a stranger or someone we don’t know well. He WILL tell you to do…what seems like…CRAZY things. If you are not in a growing relationship with Him, how will you know when He’s speaking. Don’t miss a God moment because you aren’t getting to know God. Take time daily to meet with Him. Get to know His character so when He speaks you’ll know it.

Let’s face it, God WILL ask you to do some things completely out of your comfort zone. It will seem ridiculous to others. Heck, it may even seem ridiculous to you.  Yet, there is something telling you to go…move… DO IT!

So, how do you get to a place where you trust God and obey without hesitation?

How do you know when you are hearing from Him?

There is no magic answer. But, there are two things you must continually seek to deepen your trust in God and move in obedience.

1. God’s Word

There are no short cuts to this, nor should it be. The bible houses the best scripts for action movies, love stories, suspense and thrillers one could hope for. Nestled in the pages of this amazing book are God’s desires for you, his unfailing love towards you and His character revealed. It’s exciting to read and gives you faith to move forward.

2. Prayer

You must communicate with God daily. The more you communicate, the better you know Him. The more of His word in your heart, the more effective your prayers.

Spend some quality time with Him, not just quick drive-by prayers. Ponder this…how deep would your relationship be if you never spent one on one time with your significant other. How well would you know him/her?

Spending time with God through reading His word and prayer directs your life and increases your capacity to trust God in the positive and painful experiences, without losing your mind.

This week’s strategy and empowerment tool will help increase capacity in this area:

  1. Set aside 10-15 uninterrupted minutes at the start of your day
  2. Read a scripture (Suggestions 2 Peter 1:3-8; Galatians 5:16-22; James 1:1-8)
  3. Write one thing from your reading you will focus on throughout the day. It could be a word or a phrase
  4. Click here to use this guide to pray.

Let’s make a commitment this week to know God better so we can trust and obey without hesitation.

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I believe in YOU and expect God to do amazing things in your life!