From Dreaming to Achieving: Let’s Talk Perception

Recently, IThinking_head was the featured guest on No Turning Back. A blog talk radio show. The topic of discussion…Dust off Your Dreams. We covered a lot of information in a short amount of time. It was a great call and I had a blast! But, I got to thinking, why do dreams need dusting off? As I pondered this, I came to this conclusion.  The lack of fulfillment causes discouragement. Discouragement breeds apathy. Apathy causes us to stop dreaming, let alone achieving.

So, I am dedicating the next few blog posts to inspire you to pull those dreams off the shelf, dust them off and get moving towards living in purpose, on purpose. 

Here are three areas we must address if we are going to move from dreaming to achieving. 

1. Your Perception

2. Your People

3. Your Process

 Lets talk perception.

 What is perception?  Simple- how you see what you see.  It involves how you organize, identify and interpret information in order to understand your environment.  This is a biggy!  Proverbs 23:7 states:  As a man thinks in his heart so is he. How you think and what you think determines what you see. What you see GREATLY impacts what you achieve.

 –        Do you think the worst but hope for the best?

        Do you expect most people to be untrustworthy?

        Are you likely to think small, dream small so you are not devastated when what you desire doesnt happen?

If you have a bend toward negative thinking- Guess What?  You will filter everything through a negative lens. You will most likely see the negative first in most situations. 

Do the gifts, talents and successes of others threaten you?  If so, you will filter everything through the lens of FEAR.  Your perception of their accomplishment will cause you to pull back, dream small or even hide the awesomeness God placed in you. Or, the insecurity caused by that perception will play out in pride, arrogance and criticism of others. 

 So how do you begin changing your perception and move from dreaming to achieving? 


You cannot accurately assess your perceptions without being brutally honest with yourself.  If the success of someone else really gets under your skin, ask yourself Why?  Why does their success provoke these feelings?  Am I jealous?  Why am I so skeptical? 

DO THIS: Every evening for the next 7 days, reflect on your day and journal your thoughts. BE HONEST- no one is reading this but you.  Think about you responses to people, situations etc.  Ask yourself why did I respond that way? How did my perception about the person/situation influence my response? By all means journal what you want.  This is just a suggestion.


You must be intentional about who and what you allow to penetrate your mind.  You have to purposefully listen and watch things that move you towards the fulfillment of your dreams.  

DO THIS: track who and what you are listening to and watching for the next 7 days. We will talk about how people influence your thoughts in the next post.  This exercise will give you great insight into why you think the way you think.


This ongoing process doesnt happen overnight or in one night.  Changing your thought process is tough!  Without constant care you will slip back into the old patterns that hinder your progress.  So, make a commitment to continually evaluate how you organize, identify and interpret information. When you find yourself slipping back into unproductive thought patterns- repeat exercises 1 and 2!  This will keep you focused and on the right track.

Remember the condition of your life will ALWAYS be in harmony with the condition of your thoughts!  So, lets work on our mind to move our life!

~Your Journey is Our Journey

 So do tell, how do you keep your thoughts from blocking the fulfillment of your dreams?