Learning to LOVE Mud: Success Strategies for 2015

It’s already the second month in 2015, and since this is my FIRST time connecting with you this year… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It seems like yesterday when my husband and I overstayed our visit at a restaurant and discussed our goals for the 2015.  As we talked, I started reflecting on the prior year, 2014, and realized how off track I was.

 I started off 2014 pretty strong. I launched the LifeMaXXed-90 Coaching ProgramTM, started one on one Capacity CoachingTM, consulted with a church and helped them launch a new ministry, and lost nearly 20lbs.  It’s what I call RAIN. God’s abundant rain. It was so present and His grace allowed me to accomplish so much in a few months.  


Then… the MUD! Life started to fall apart in ways I never imagined, and I fell apart along with it. Of course few people knew, because I’ve learned to lead while I bleed, but it was super tough. By September 2014, I was sucked into an emotional vortex that left me overwhelmed, depressed and anxious. I decided to go back to my therapist and solicit his help working through some of my challenges. 

By the way, there is often a stigma when Christians seek therapy.  Let me just say, God has gifted awesome men and women to serve us in working through challenges. We do ourselves a disservice by not soliciting the help God provided through this means. Maybe a good therapist is your answer to prayer?  Now back to the story…

This was one of the best decisions I made in 2014.  It helped me navigate the muddy waters with more clarity. As I slowly emerged from the vortex and began to regain myself.  This is what I learned:


A little rain, a little mud.  A lot of rain, a lot of mud.


 If you want to experience the benefits of rain, you have to deal with the mud.


You see, God was doing amazing things. I was fulfilling dreams and living in my sweet spot in a way I never experienced.  As a result, the challenges were coming in a way I never experienced. Well, thank God I’m on the other side and guess what… more equipped than I was before.

So, if you’re expecting an abundance of rain this year, let me share, 3 success strategies I learned during a muddy year that’s already helping me experience the results I want in 2015.

1. Challenges are DESIGNED to increase your capacity for MAXIMIZED living, learn how to use them to your advantage.

2. While you’re in a season of rain, develop habits and routines that sustain you when things get rough.

3. Use the time of abundance to store up for a time of lack.

Over the next several weeks, I will share practical strategies to help you develop in each of these areas and help you experience extraordinary success in 2015.  

I’m super excited about what this year holds for us, so STAY TUNED!  If you are not a member of our Capacity Community, JOIN NOW!  It’s FREE.  Just provide your name and email address at the top and make sure to like us on Facebook.

Now go and be AWESOME!




Your Capacity Strategist


What about you?  How do you navigate muddy waters when pursing your purpose