MAXIMIZE: to live as large or as great as possible; to increase as much as possible.  Is this the kind of life you desire?  Do you long for greater?  I know I do. It’s been my quest for as long as I can remember. A life that is focused, disciplined and productive. A life that is MAXIMIZED!


Not only do I seek greater for myself, but I desire greater for others. So, when my good friend, NaTascha Hughes of Another Level Consulting, approached me about joining forces to design a program helping others maximize their life and accomplish their goals I was all over it!


I thought…

“What would I want from a program like this?”

“Is there a need for a something like this?”

“What would motivate me to invest my time and money?” 

“What do people want and need?”


Thankfully, we didn’t rely on our own answers. We received invaluable insight from others searching for something or someone to help them accomplish their dreams and live fulfilled. 


Here are some things we heard…

“I’m looking for something to help me get started.”

“I want more than a seminar where I get hand-outs and take notes.”

“I know what I want to do, but I’m not sure where to start.”

“I get started, but I keep getting off track and it’s hard to get going again”

“I know I have a purpose, but I have trouble figuring out what it is.”

“I set the same goals every year, but don’t accomplish them. How do I set goals and stay focused”


Your questions provided the fuel for Life MaXXed-90.  Our successes and many failures also benefited in designing a program that will undoubtedly transform your life.   


Life-MaXXed-90 is a 90-day empowerment-coaching program designed to help you:

  • Discover and define your dreams
  • Set targeted goals
  • Take purposeful action 
  • Receive support and accountability
  • Maintain motivation and momentum

Caution stamp LM-90 is NOT a note-taking workshop.  It is a life-engaging expedition. Each session will inspire you, challenge you and ultimately give you the tools needed to experience the maximized life God intended!


Are you ready for greater.  Are you ready to Live Life MaXXed?

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