Discovering Clarity

I recently had an eye exam. The ophthalmologist flipped through a series of lenses. Finally, she flipped to a lens that brought the letters on the screen in focus. Thankfully, my prescription didn’t change much. However, it was after I picked up my new set of eyes that I realized how a slight change made a big difference. I walked out of the office with my new glasses and looked at the bright sky thinking…ahh…I can see. If you wear glasses or contacts, you know that feeling. The clarity I had before was no longer appropriate. My eyes changed, and so did my prescription. Without that assessment, I would never realize how much brighter the world is.

How often do we approach life this way? We don’t take the time to examine where we are. We fail to determine if we’re using old eyes to see our new goals and circumstances. Let’s face it, we’ve all, at some point or another, tried to “do life” out of focus and with not clarity. As a result, we’re inconsistent and uncommitted, and that often breeds feelings of discouragement and discontentment. Have you ever said, “I’m tired of trying.” “No matter what I do, I can’t get ahead.” Good news, it’s not your lack of effort, it’s a lack of clarity.

In part two of our Goal Checkup series, I want to help you begin the process of discovering the clarity you need to get unstuck and move forward. I’m sharing three essential elements of clarity so you can live the life YOU want, and end this year with that high I felt looking at the sky with my fresh new eyeglasses.

Clarity is Personal 
Sounds obvious, right? Well, it surprising how many people create goals based on what other want for them. Though your decisions impact others, no one answer for them, but you! You must live your life, not the life other want for you. You must also own the clarity you discover. Finally, no one gives you clarity they simply guide you down a path to uncover what’s already deep inside you. Finding clarity is your responsibility, not others.
Remember: If don’t own it, you won’t commit to it.

Clarity Evolves  
Life is always unfolding, and so is your clarity. The clarity you gained around one area of your life two years ago, has probably evolved since then. As you learn and grow the way that you see the world and interact with it changes. As I am regaining my health, the clarity I had before my dad passing in 2015, is very different today. The way his sudden death impacted me changed my outlook on everything. It didn’t negate the clarity I had in 2015; it meant I saw things differently because my life is different. Don’t get stuck in the past. Be open to hear and see what you now is. You only have clarity for your present moment, and that’s all yo need to take then next step.
Remember: Be patient as your clarity unfolds.

Clarity Facilitates Commitment
I saw this work in amazing ways this year. When I discovered clarity in several areas of my life this year, the resources became available. I soon realized I already had most of what I needed. I committed all of my resources to what I wanted. In less than three months, I saw significant changes. If you struggle with commitment, you likely lack clarity in some area of your life. When you gain clarity, you discover commitment and can identify your next steps. You know WHAT to do even if you don’t know HOW to do it. Gaining clarity about what’s important to you enables commitment and growth.
Remember: Greater clarity, greater commitment. Little clarity, little commitment


I have a question for you. Do you have clarity around your life’s work, goals, and aspirations? Do you have clarity on what you want this year? Do you need additional support to bring things into focus?  If so, I’m releasing an online course to help you discover the clarity you need. It’s a $47 value that I’m offering to you for free. Members of my text, email, and Facebook community will receive notification as soon as it’s available.

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