I recently went to the dentist for a routine exam and he noticed the beginning stages of a cavity. When I approached the desk to schedule an appointment for my filling, I noticed a model on the counter. I asked the dental tech about it, and she opened the model to show me the inside. The model showed progressive stages of tooth decay. She explained if you catch a cavity early you simply need a filling. If you wait, you’ll need a crown, or worse, a root canal. The remedy for each stage is costlier than the one before. I was intrigued because on the teeth’s surface, you couldn’t see the real damage inside.

How often does this happen in life, especially when it comes to your goals? Everything seems okay on the surface. After you look deeper, you realize you haven’t made much, if any, progress. You’re not alone. Research shows that 40% of people make resolutions, but less than 10% keep them. I want you to be in the 10% category.  So just how do you do that? Give your goals a checkup.

Since we’re moving into spring and ending the first quarter of the year, it’s a perfect time. This month I’ll guide you through a process to look beneath the surface and execute a thorough assessment in any area of your life. During the next couple of weeks you’ll receive your goal checkup training. I’ll end this series with tools to execute a proper checkup. If you follow this process, you’ll enter the next quarter of the year with greater clarity around what you want and how to get it.

Let’s get started with your first training.


It’s simple. If it’s not a priority, it won’t happen. Be brutally honest. Ask yourself, “Is my life the most important thing in my care?” Your life includes everything that pertains to your growth and development. As a coach, I remind those I serve, that prioritizing their well-being is not at the expense of others, but for the benefit of them. If you’ve been on an airplane, then you know the flight attendant tells you to put on your oxygen mask first, then help the person beside you. Why? Because, if you don’t serve yourself well you won’t maintain the capacity to serve others well. I know this is a mind shift, but it’s one you must make to add the greatest value to yourself and others.


If you’re thinking,”How do I prioritize me?” There are several ways. I’m convinced one of the best ways is to schedule regular appointments with yourself. Pick a day and time, weekly, and schedule your personal appointment. Write this date on your calendar! Don’t leave it to chance or memory. Treat this time as you would any critical appointment. Let people know this time is non-negotiable unless it’s an absolute emergency. Do this. Over the next three weeks set aside at least one hour a week for you. Choose a distraction free, comfortable place where you can focus. During this time, do whatever feels right. Remember, this is your personal time. Embrace it. Protect it. Own it.


Your appointments are scheduled, now what? It’s time to create a list of goals for evaluation. List the goals you set for this year. If you haven’t set any, it’s not too late. Do it now. Keep this list handy. You will use this as the basis for your checkup. Don’t worry if the goals you set at the beginning of 2017 changed. Life is always unfolding so you may need to modify them. This is one reason a check-up is so important; it helps determine if the goals you’re pursuing are still aligned with what you want.

I hope this was helpful. Just like my experience at the dentist, you can prevent getting to the end of the year needing a root canal for your life. As a matter of fact, you can get ahead of the cavities altogether by simply doing regular checkups. It turns out the cost for my fillings are around $100. If this issue persisted, and I needed a crown or root canal, I would easily pay $1000 or more. I want to help get a proper checkup and avoid spending unnecessary resources. So, meet me next week as I continue to guide you through your spring checkup.

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