What’s In Your Life’s Garden?

Herb-gardenCONFESSION…I don’t have a green thumb. As a matter of fact, I tried to grow a small herb garden and well… let’s just say I probably won’t try it  again.  Trying to nurture these planets,  I learned some important lessons about my own life’s garden, from my failed attempt.

Quick note… when I use the term “life’s garden” I am primarily talking about who and what you choose to “plant” or have in your life.

This herb garden came about when my girlfriend/sister gave me some herbs. Since I enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, and love to save money, I thought it would be a great idea to start an herb garden. So off to Home Depot I go. I gathered all the essentials and did my due diligence, so I thought, and asked the Home Depot guy tons of questions. I purchased my things and off I went. Rosemary and Lavender had their own pot. Chives, two different types of oregano, thyme and a few more were potted together. It worked well for a while, but eventually…not so much. Here is the first lesson I learned about gardening and life.

“Take time to know what you’re planting in your life’s garden”

I had at least 7 different herbs and knew very little about growing them. I even had herbs I didn’t use, like lavender.  I didn’t know what grew well together or what should be potted alone (we will talk about this in the next post). I could have at least Goggled them! Nope. I couldn’t wait. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I didn’t.  For goodness sake, I expected the Home Depot guy to be an expert on herbs! I could tell he didn’t know much by the responses he gave me. But, I overlooked that because I wanted to plant my herbs THAT DAY!

How often do we meet a person and get so excited that we don’t take the time to get right information before investing our resources to plant them in our life’s garden.  We see the exterior, what they have to offer, how they look, how they make us feel, how we can use their status etc. So what do we do? We make an uninformed decision, based on what we think we know, to move forward in planting them in a spot better suited for someone else. How often have we made a decision to invest in relationships that we really don’t need in our life at all?  But because we “think” we can help them, or they can help us, we give them our time and attention often to end up with very little in return.

My brother made this statement at his engagement party, “We are a sum total of our experiences, environment and the people in our lives.” This doesn’t mean I am defined by the negative things that happened to me -no garden is void of bugs- those things help shape who I am and will become. You see, your life’s garden, should be your growth community. The place where you grow, are pruned and nurtured. This community helps you become more, produce more and give more. In order to fulfill your dreams, realize your potential and be the BEST YOU possible- YOU CANNOT DO IT ALONE. You need a community of people to help you get there.

REMEMBER THIS: Your life is the soil you nurture to produce great things. Know what you are planting in your life’s garden. Ask the right questions of the right people. Don’t choose impulsively. Choose carefully. Choose wisely.

Until Next Time… YJOJ ~Your Journey Is Our Journey

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