I Dropped The Ball

Segretaria stressata

Last month’s focus was spiritual capacity. You guys know I was super-excited about it.  Well, mid-way through the month, things got hectic. Due to my over commitments, yep… I said it, my over commitments, I dropped the ball. My goal was to provide weekly videos/emails to help you increase spiritually, and a FREE bible study training at the end of July. While working diligently to complete the bible study training, prepare premium spiritual capacity building content and prepare for our Life-MaXXed-90 program- I realized I didn’t create enough margin for “life interruptions.” You know, the stuff you really can’t plan for but just happens.

I also said yes way more than I should, and found myself helping others complete their projects while not completing mine. When August rolled around, I realized how much I’d fallen behind. So, I sincerely apologize for not staying as connected, engaged and delivering the training as promised.

As I thought about this post, I thought about what I could share to help you NOT fall into this situation, or get out of it if you’re in it.

Here are 3 strategies I’m re-employing to help me stay focused and increase my capacity to be more and serve better. 

1.  ADMIT IT:  If you say you’re going to do something and fall short, be mature enough to take responsibility and apologize. Don’t make excuses. Don’t beat yourself up. Just be honest. Remember: Excuses are ineffective and unproductive, and those who specialize in them seldom go far. Once you take ownership of your mistake…

2. QUIT IT:  Make an intentional effort to build a system of accountability and support that keeps you in line. Sure changing behavior is a process, but the sooner you get the support and accountability you need, the quicker you get back on track. 

3.  Just say NO! I know it’s the 80’s anti-drug slogan and easier said than done. But, we have to learn this small yet powerful word. Start with saying…

NO to commitments you can’t meet, even if people try to pressure you. Practice saying this: I’m so sorry; I’m not able to do that.

NO to people not respectful of your time. Require people to give you ample time to complete projects they want completed. Don’t let their poor planning become your emergency. 

NO to doing it by yourself. Get some help. If you’re like me and used to managing a lot, you forget God placed wonderful, talented people in your life to help you. Reach out to them. Allow them the opportunity to serve in their sweet spot.

If you employ these strategies, you will be more effective and productive in fulfilling your purpose.

By the way…all was not lost. The FREE Bible Study Training is available!  Just provide your name and email address in the form above to get started!

And since I dropped the ball, I’m offering a discount on our Life-MaXXed-90 Coaching and Training Program. Click here to find out more.