Choose HAPPY!

I want to encourage you to start your week, and the rest of your life with this mantra/confession:


This past weekend my bestie/business partner and I had a wonderful conversation. She just came back from a nearly week long Human Interaction Lab in VA, and shared some of her transformational moments. 

She shared a story about a participant with an extremely happy disposition, so much, that others told her “no one could be that happy”  “you must be covering up something.”

After sharing her story, about almost losing her life and other challenging moments, she uttered these words…

When I get out of bed and place my feet on the ground…I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!

I’ve heard and even said this before. But when my friend shared this, something awakened and I’ve been pondering this phrase all weekend.


The last few months have been challenging for my family and me. Discouragement, depression and anxiety have been banging on the door of my mind trying to force me to see circumstances through their lens. I know better, but boy it’s been a struggle leaning against the door trying to keep them out.

After my friend shared this story, I asked myself:  myhappy

“Why am I wasting energy leaning against the door to keep the negative thoughts out when I can just lock it?”

When I choose to be happy, I’m locking the door to thoughts that rob me of life. My choice to be happy doesn’t prevent unhappy things from happening to me or prevent me from feeling unhappy at times.

My choice to be happy prevents me from viewing my circumstances through the lens of depression, discouragement, anxiety and other negative emotions that rob me of maximized living.

After pondering this, and God reminding me that life if choice driven, I reminded myself:

  1. Don’t entertain foolishness on any level, from anyone.
  2. Don’t entertain negative people.
  3. Don’t let anything or anyone rob me of the blessing of seeing God in every situation.

Now… Will you join me? Will you choose to be happy? Connect with me on Facebook and every post today will encourage you to CHOOSE HAPPY!  Make sure you post your happy pic on the page with #myhappy.  Because, life is sweeter with smiles.



-Your Happy Capacity Strategist