What is the 68-Day Challenge?

The 68-day Challenge is a tool to help you unleash your human and spiritual potential. Our goal is to help you discover, develop and do what God created you to do. We do this to helping you create habits and disciplines that help you get the best out of life. We have a powerful community of people who connec daily to receive coaching, training, encouragement, support and accountability.

How Does it Work?

1. Each challenger chooses, at least, one spiritual habit they want to develop. For example bible reading, prayer journaling, etc. That habit will be the focus for the 68 days.

2. Each day you complete your habit, you will post “I DID IT” in our secret 68-Day Challenge Facebook community. Each challenger will receive an “I DID IT” button to post on the page.

Ididitred3. If you miss a day, you MUST start over, you’ll receive further instructions on this once you’re in the group. The #68DayChallenge Community is a NO judgment zone, so it doesn’t matter how many times you start over, just keep going. Trust me, I’ve been there and eventually you will find your rhythm.

4.  You will receive laser-focused training, encouragement, and incentives to help you stay focused and an opportunity to attend the 68-Day Challenged Victory Luncheon.


Can I choose any habit I want?

The #68DayChallenge has a spiritual focus, but you can pick any habit you want, but it must include a spiritual discipline like reading the Bible, prayer, meditation, etc. Developing spiritual discipline is a great anchor for a lot of other habits we want to create. I recommend you stick to 1-2 habits for most challengers. We will offer training on how to choose the best habits.

Why 68-Days

There is a long-standing myth that it takes 21 days to create a habit. NOT TRUE!  Scientific research shows it take anywhere from 18-254 days to make new habits stick and an average of 66 days for most people. Research also shows that people are more likely to create and sustain those habits in a community. Since I’ve participated in this challenge more than once, I can attest to those facts.  Community and consistency are key to creating and sustaining habits. 


Who Should Take the Challenge?

If you are reading this, probably YOU. But, just in case you’re not sure, look at the list below and see if any of the statements apply. I want to…

  • Develop a deeper, closer relationship with Christ
  • Align your dreams and goals with God’s purpose for me
  • Develop spiritual disciplines to help me WIN in life
  • Connect with a supportive, encouraging community
  • Grow deeper in my faith
  • Stop letting mediocrity have a seat at my life’s table
  • Stay on course when life happens
  • See results in my business, ministry, relationships, health and every other area of my life!

 If you said YES to any of these questions, then I was right. This challenge is for you!


When Does the Challenge Begin?

The challenge begins April 11, 2016.  Registration starts at the challenge luncheon on April 2nd and ends on April 10, 2016.


How Much Does It Cost?

You can join this life-changing experience for only $68!That’s $1 a day for coaching, training, support, encouragement, and accountability. Don’t wait, we only have limited seats available.